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St. David & St. Martin

Presbyterian Church




July 21st, 2019



Rev. George Zimmerman                                   Music: Mission


BEADLE DUTY:        Rob Hayley

GREETING TEAM:  Ethel Pryde, Bud & Marion


      LAY READERS:  Barb Welke

 SUMMER SOCIAL HOSTS: Margaret Marks                                                                                                                

BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS: Barbara Willis 96th birthday on the 22nd, Adeline Mahoney on the 23rd, David Dempster‘s 75th on the 24th, Oliver Pryde on the 25th, Melanie Ramlochan also on the 25th, Rob Hayley’s 65th on the 26th, Rev. John Fair also on the 26th.


Don and Elizabeth Lloyd’s 58th on the 2nd, Rev. John and Martha Fair ‘s 32nd on the 25th.

 CELL PHONES: In respect for where you are, please turn off your cell phone while in the sanctuary. Thank you.

 1.    SECURITY REMINDER: Please do not leave keys, electronics or other valuables with your coats in the coat racks, or unattended anywhere in the church.

 2.      COFFEE HOSTS AND FLOWERS: If you can help with any of these please sign the sheets in the front entry.

 3.      FOODBANK DONATIONS: Food items in demand are pasta, pasta sauce, powdered milk, peanut butter and canned chick peas. Boxes are by the front and back doors. Please no clothing. Please note:  Empty egg cartons are also required.

 4.      POP CAN TABS, PLASTIC TABS FROM BREAD AND MILK, AND EYEGLASSES: Please place in containers in vestibule. They are used to support the acquisition of wheelchairs for adults and children.

 5.      CHOIR: The Choir has suspended until the Fall.  A start up date will be announced later in the Summer.

6.      SUMMER SERVICE HOURS: On July 7th our summer service time begins at 10 a.m. Normal service times will begin on September 8th.

 7.      SUMMER SOCIAL TIME; During the summer there can still be time to linger and have a cnat after the service. Cold refreshments, such as ice tea and lemonade etc. hit the spot when the weather is warm. Volunteers are needed if this ministry is to continue. If you would like to host a Sunday. Please sign the sheet at the front door. No food. Cold drinks only.


Capt. George will be glad to host up to 4 people for sailing during the summer.  Please:

Email or call Rev. George to book.

Or Sign up sheet at back.

Aarrr there Matey:

Dare to get into “Mischief”!