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St. David & St. Martin

Presbyterian Church




May 19th, 2019


     Rev.  Mark Ward                             Music: Jennifer Channen



      BEADLE DUTY:           Grant Schaper

               GREETING TEAM:          Monika Tocchi; Irene Sullivan

                 Christie Ross

                        LAY READER:         Lynn Petros

                    COFFEE HOSTS:          David Wright                                                                                          



Jo VanderZwan – May 23rd; Barbara Townson – May 23rd;

Anastasia Meta – May 23rd; Mary Kiruri – May 25th.

 It is a great pleasure to welcome Rev. Mark Ward and his wife, Rosalie, back with us this morning. Mark will be providing pulpit supply on a regular basis when George takes his one week off a month.

 CELL PHONES: In respect for where you are, please turn off your cell phone while in the sanctuary. Thank you.

 1.   SECURITY REMINDER: Please do not leave keys, electronics        or other valuables with your coats in the coat racks, or unattended anywhere in the church.

 2.      COFFEE HOSTS AND FLOWERS: If you can help with any of these please sign the sheets in the front entry.

 3.      FOODBANK DONATIONS: Food items in demand are pasta, pasta sauce, powdered milk, peanut butter and canned chick peas. Boxes are by the front and back doors. Please no clothing.

      Please note:  Empty egg cartons are also required.

 4.      POP CAN TABS, PLASTIC TABS FROM BREAD AND MILK, AND EYEGLASSES: Please place in containers in vestibule. They are used to support the acquisition of wheelchairs for adults and children.

 5.      BIBLE STUDY GROUP: The Bible Study Group meet on Wednesdays, from 3-4:30 p.m in Rev. Zimmerman’s office.  If you have any questions please call Sheila Major at 613-842-8349.

 6.      CHOIR: The Choir practice in the sanctuary every Thursday at

7:00 p.m. All are welcome, regardless of musical talent or training, to join us for great fellowship and music.

 7.      ADULT DAYTIME SOCIAL: Is now finished for the summer.

 8.      SESSION MEETING:  Monday, May 20th at 1:30 p.m.

9.      .PRESBYTERIAN SHARING: For Amina, Saber and their five children, poverty had become an all too sudden reality. When bombs fell on their town of Suran in Syria, their peaceful life shattered—their home collapsed and basic necessities like water, food and electricity became scarce. Displaced within their own country, broken by over eight years of conflict, Amina and Saber were losing hope. But for the past several months, the family has been receiving monthly food and hygiene baskets through a Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported project with Canadian Foodgrains Bank partners. Over meals of beans and rice, Amina and Saber can find a moment of comfort as they dream of peace and security for their beloved country.


 May 26th- Trinity & Anniversary # 63

 June 9th- Communion

 June 16thRecognition Day

 June 30thCanada Day