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St. David & St. Martin

Presbyterian Church




August 12th, 2018


     Rev. George Zimmerman                  Music: Jennifer Channen


              BEADLE DUTY:           Grant Schaper                 

GREETING TEAM:           Grant Schaper, Valerie Buko,

                         Margaret Marks  

                LAY READER:            Peggy Campbell    

      SOCIAL TIME HOSTS:      Valerie Buko and Grant Schaper



Elizabeth Lloyd – August 15th; Mary Miller (70th) – August 15th;

Rev. George Zimmerman – August 16th.

 FLOWERS: The flowers, in the sanctuary, are from Elizabeth Fletcher to the Glory of God and in memory of her son, Craig.

 CELL PHONES: In respect for where you are, please turn off your cell phone while in the sanctuary. Thank you.

 1.   SECURITY REMINDER: Please do not leave keys, electronics        or other valuables with your coats in the coat racks, or unattended anywhere in the church.

 2.      COFFEE HOSTS AND FLOWERS: If you can help with any of these please sign the sheets in the front entry.

 3.      FOODBANK DONATIONS: Food items in demand are pasta, pasta sauce, powdered milk, peanut butter and canned chick peas. Boxes are by the front and back doors. Please no clothing.

      Please note:  No egg cartons are required at present.

 4.      POP CAN TABS, PLASTIC TABS FROM BREAD AND MILK, AND EYEGLASSES: Please place in containers in vestibule. They are used to support the acquisition of wheelchairs for adults and children.

 5.      BIBLE STUDY GROUP:  Has concluded for the summer and will resume again in the Fall. The date will be announced in September. If you have any questions please call Sheila Major at 613- 842-8349.

 6.      CHOIR:  The choir are taking a break for summer and will resume practice in September.

 7.      OFFERING ENVELOPES: If you require offering envelopes please speak to Robert Philp. Robert’s contact information can be found in the church directory.

 8.      SUMMER WORSHIP HOURS: Our summer service time of 10:00 a.m. is now in effect. Services will resume at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 9th..

 9.      SUMMER SOCIAL TIME:  During the summer there will still be time to linger and have a chat after the service. Cold refreshments… ice tea and lemonade etc. hit the spot when the weather is warm. Volunteers are needed  if  this ministry is to continue. If you would like to host a Sunday please sign the sheet in the front entry. No food. Cold drinks only.

10.  SPIRIT OF SUMMER SAILING: is back for everybody daring to test out their sea legs.  Cap’n George will be glad to host up to 4 people on a Sunday afternoon, or during the week, for sailing weather permitting. If interested please put your name and telephone numbers on sign-up sheet on the bulletin board at the front door.  George will call you in succession at every opportunity, (sometimes on short notice).



Brent & Heather Connelly.

97 Lloydalex Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2S 2E8

Tel no:  613-292-2545.


  Ena Welsh,

Bruyère Continuing Care,

Saint-Louis Residence,

Room C-424.2,

879 Hiawatha Park Road,

Ottawa, ON., K1C 2Z6

The Practice of Becoming a Divine Reading

 1.      Prepare oneself by relaxing;  just breathe

2.      Read the Word (repeat 3x, one short verse)

3.      Enter into the Word (no analysis, just imagine what this would be like…, take as much time as you need)

4.      Pray the Word (repeat 3x for example the Lord's Prayer)

5.      Contemplate silently the Word  (just sit waiting, repeating a couple words from the reading for two minutes


              1.     it exercises the brain,

             2.     it calms anxiety, and   

             3.     it clears out the clutter carried in our hearts, heads and       



 September 9th – Church services resume at 11a.m.

 September 9th - Welcome back BBQ after the service.

 September 16th – Battle of Britain Commemoration