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St. David & St. Martin

Presbyterian Church


December 8th, 2019

Second Sunday of Advent

Rev. George Zimmerman               Music: Jennifer Channen

BEADLE DUTY: Jean Liberty and Doris Toole

GREETING TEAM: Rob and Bonnie Hayley, Randy Hayley


COFFEE HOSTS: The Ekong Family


BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS: Gladys Solomon on Sunday, December 8th.

ANNIVERSARY CONGRATULATIONS:  Neil and Linda Earnshaw will celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday, December 14th.

 CELL PHONES: In respect for where you are, please turn off your cell phone while in the sanctuary. Thank you.

 1.             SECURITY REMINDER: Please do not leave keys, electronics or other valuables with your coats in the coat racks, or unattended anywhere in the church.

 2.             COFFEE HOSTS AND FLOWERS: The sign-up sheets are posted in the front entrance.

 3.             FOODBANK DONATIONS: Food items in demand are pasta, pasta sauce, powdered milk, peanut butter and canned chick peas. Boxes are by the front and back doors. Please no clothing.
Please note:  No egg cartons are required at present

 4.             CHOIR:  meets in the sanctuary every Thursday at 7 p.m. All are welcome, regardless of musical talent or training, to join us for great fellowship and music.

5.             POP CAN TABS, PLASTIC TABS FROM BREAD and MILK, AND EYEGLASSES: Please place in containers in vestibule. They are used to support the acquisition of wheelchairs for adults and children.

 6.             FILL-IN CUSTODIAN WORK AVAILABLE:  Our church Custodian, Gil, will be off work from January 15 to Feb 6.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in filling in for paid duties, please contact Ed Campbell or David Wright.

 7.             CHRISTMAS BASKET PROJECT: Today is the final day to support families in our Rockcliffe/Rideau community who are in need of assistance at this time of year.  Our families are experiencing difficulties with unemployment, raising children on their own, or have illness in the family and many other challenging concerns.    Each family receives a $150.00 certificate for groceries and $50.00 certificate for each child sixteen and under to provide them with a gift and or clothing.  If you need an envelope to submit your donation, they are available in the narthex.  Please place your donation envelope in the collection plate.  Thank you, THANK YOU for your support.   Barb and Ron

 8.             THE NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS CONCERT:  Presented by the Knapik Singers.  Monday evening, December 9th at 7:00 p.m. in our church.  Part of the Ottawa Christian Music Festival series.  A free-will offering will be collected to support the Food First Foundation, a registered charity whose mission is to support nutrition education programs in schools with the goal of encouraging a healthy population of children and youth for future generations in Canada’s NWT.

 9.             GREETING TEAM VACANCY: Marion and Bud Johnston have sold their home and are moving to Stittsville. We wish them all the best in their new home and thank them for being on the greeting team. I am looking for two (or more) volunteers to take over their duties. It requires greeting one Sunday every five or six weeks. For more information call me at 613-841-8863 or talk to me at Church.  Barb Welke

10.         ADULT DAYTIME SOCIAL will be December 12th at 10:30am. Come out and enjoy a social time, and have lunch together.  If planning to attend let Ellen Philip know. Ellen’s contact information can be found in the church directory.

11.         PRESBYTERIAN SHARING: Human Rights Day (10)

For Ahmad and Sarah and their daughters Reem and Rana, each day brought distress, thinking about what the future might hold. Their home in Al Raqqa, Syria had been bombed, and acts of brutal violence were taking place in their own neighbourhood. The family escaped to Kfarbo and forged a home in a cramped, unfurnished apartment. Navigating the streets of a brand-new city, in a country broken by over eight years of civil conflict, Ahmad and Sarah prayed each day for peace and relief from hunger. Their prayers were answered when the family received their first food and hygiene basket through a PWS&D-supported project with Canadian Foodgrains Bank partners. “It came at the right moment,” says Ahmad. PWS&D responds to those living in danger or exile


Chris Ireland   613-700-1403

611-520    St. Laurent Blvd.

Ottawa, ON K1K 4N1


Jane Karago-Odongo

516-2045 Carling Ave.,

Ottawa, ON K2A 1G5



Maryam Zandieh  613-413-9909



December 8th      Second Sunday of Advent,
Dixie Road Praise, White Gift Sunday

December 9th      Night of Christmas Concert, 7:00 p.m.

December 15th    Sunday School Pageant

December 22nd   Christmas Sunday

December 24th    Family Christmas Eve Service 7:00 p.m.