June 1

Added Ben Solomon's name in for the July 31 reader.

On Worship page, changed final sentence to read:
 “More information is available from the Elder in charge of our Leading With Care initiative, Ellen Philp, or our Moderator, Rev. George Zimmerman.”

Changed name of Duties List to Volunteers

Added May 29th Sermon to Sermon's page

Added a facebook LIKE button to the main page... I think. Doing this was kind of new for me.
Created a History page (link currently available off of beta homepage only)
Created a "Get Involved" page (content only, it still requires formatting / link currently available off of beta homepage only).
Changed "Upcoming" link name to "Special Events" (beta homepage only)
Footer on the beta homepage has been updated to include a link to the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Footer on all other pages will be updated for launch.
June 6 Updated index page image.
Updated "Get Involved" page.
Nursery and Sunday School details on Worship page has been update.
June 7 Created an Events page (still to be edited)
Created a News page
June 14 Updated links across all pages, including link to the Presbyterian Church of Canada.
Removed names from the Ministries ("Get Involved") page
Removed last names from the Volunteers list
Added 55th anniversary to Special Events page.
June 15 Added June 5th sermon to the Sermons page.